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Program Outline

The U.S.A. - Canada International Exchange Program

1.Purpose The York-Benimaru Foundation sends high school students from Fukushima Prefecture abroad to encourage international understanding through an English study program at an American university and a home stay in Canada. It is the hope of the foundation that the students will be inspired to greater individual achievements, and that they will be able to play a role in international society in the future.
2.Sponsor The York-Benimaru Foundation
3.Participants There are no formal application procedures; rather, participants are chosen upon the recommendation of their high school principals.
The participants are to be in their junior or senior year in high school at the time of participation in the program.
4.Program Outline (1)Period of Stay; End of July through Middle of August
(2)Participants; 20 high school students, 2 high school teachers
(3)Visiting Main Cities; United States (Seattle) Canada (Winnipeg)
(4)An Outline of the Study Program in the U.S.A. and Canada;
  1. English Classes and an introduction to western culture, volunteer activities, sports during a university dormitory stay.
  2. Home stays with Canadian families in order to experience the Canadian lifestyle.
  3. Observation of American and Canadian lifestyles, including looks at industry, history, culture, education, and the natural environment.
5.Chaperones 2 high school teachers
6.Expenses The York-Benimaru Foundation provides for administrative expenses.

The International Exchange Program for Manitoban Students

1.Purpose Due to the goodwill of Manitoba Agriculture and the Manitoba 4-H Club, the foundation has sent high school students from Fukushima prefecture on home stays since 1987.
Through a two-way exchange, we have been able to realize the true shape of an international exchange program, further strengthening the foundation to help to promote an international outlook in the youth participating on the program.
2.Sponsor The York-Benimaru Foundation
3.Visiting Members 1.10 youths from Manitoba, Canada
2.2 chaperones
4.Program Outline (1)period of stay; July (18days) 
(2)outline of the study in Japan;
  1. Homestays with Japanese families in Fukushima prefecture and/or families of students who have been to Manitoba on the foundation's program in order to experience the Japanese lifestyle
  2. Attending classes at a high school in Fukushima prefecture and joining in the Japanese students' cultural and athletic activities.
  3. Observing the actual state of Japanese life, including industry, and the natural environment.